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Sakasa Kebari - No. 5 🇯🇵 [Pack of 6]

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Sakasa kebari give trout an opportunity to get in touch with their impressionistic side. It's not a nymph, it's not an emerger; it's the essence of bug.

Sakasa kebari do not imitate a specific species, they unfold like lotus in high gradient mountain streams to embody Plato's archtypical insect. Some hackle here, some ribbing there. If a bit of peackcock herl adds a touch of luminescence, why not twist in a hot spot and some krystal flash? 

You don't have to adopt a 'one-fly' philosophy to fish this variation on the classic Japanese reverse hackle fly but, given that a size 12 sakasa kebari may be the single most versatile fly you can dangle, you could carry nothing but this subsurface attractor and coax wise old trout from their cold mountain dens for days on end. Years. It's all about your dangle.

  • Hungarian partridge soft hackle
  • Hot orange laser dub hot spot
  • Peacock herl
  • Lime green krystal flash
  • Black tying thread
  • Copper rib